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[Closed] Cross Server Transfer

Vote on what features or changes the server needs.
Let us know your thoughts on other topics with the polls posted here.

Do you want the servers to be connected?

No Transfers.
Yes: The Island to and from The Centre
Yes: The Island to and from Scorched Earth
Yes: The Centre to and from Scorched Earth
No votes
Yes: To and from all 3 Maps/Servers
Total votes: 30

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Re: Cross Server Transfer

Post#21 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:27 pm

Who's King_Kiff? seems pretty upset with us for some reason... No idea who you are buddy!

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Re: Cross Server Transfer

Post#22 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:39 pm

Thank you for letting your voices be heard!

This is where i stand;
Over the years i have seen many people/tribes come and go, the one thing i try and find is balance.
Whether it be dinos, players, engrams and number of tribe members, i am always seeking balance in this game.... that being said the developers seem to have lost sight of this and bring in all these weird types of dinos skewing this balance... these particular dinos have been designed for those maps to offer some sort of feature, whether it be collecting resources or raiding bases (thanks for the titans....)

At this stage i cannot see any possibility of linking a Island or Centre server with a Scorched Earth server, due to the huge dynamic and dino attirbutes which would over power smaller players and those who dont have the game to get the benefit from the combined servers, you may ask... why not buy the dinos from the other tribes, this would put that tribe in a higher position of power not designed for that map, where no other tribe could get.

That being said, you may think i am for linking the Centre and Island because they are similar, yes they are but the huge issue with the game is with large tribes (max players with alliances and large number of dinos and resources) tend to skew this balance also, while i try and have a few Alphas so they can contest each other, this doesnt always work and tend to have alliances.. and leaving the possibility open for collaboration, when this happens it would affect everyone on the server, and having linked servers would also affect 2 servers instead of one, this is why at the games current state I will not link any servers.
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