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Dino Raising/Egg Hatching!

Do you really really need something? or do you have excess of something and willing to trade for it? post in here
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Dino Raising/Egg Hatching!

Post#1 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:45 pm

Syns Terms and conditions to breeding, hatching and raising of dinos.

ALL my dinos are sold DESEXED
I WILL breed my dinos (of your choosing) you MUST put a 500 non refundable deposit down on it. BUT IT WILL BE DESEXED!!
I will hatch eggs/raise ANY dino for a fee.
If you give me your dino/egg on a Friday there will be a 4000cp Fee due to me "protecting" your egg from being raided
If you give me your dino/egg on a weekend IT IS NOT MY FAULT IF IT DIES DUE TO RAIDING!
I will protect it as much as I can.
You must not raid me if your dino dies due to someone else raiding me and killing it/me when I am unable to feed it
Imprinting will be done but it is a 400CP PER KIBBLE. If I Do not have the Kibble I will buy it but then the price transfers onto you.
If you have the kibble there is no fee.
In the case of Twins I will keep the LOWER LEVEL dino and you pay NO FEE AT ALL!!
It is 200cp Per Hour.
So a wolf may take 6 hours to grow that is 1200cp if it needs two kibble I have then that bumps it up to 2000cp and if its on the weekend it is 6000cp.
Quetz and Gigas are x2 for the rates!!
I will have a limited amount of slots per week and if I get ill I apologize my health is not that great.
If you do not pay your fees on time of pickup I will seize the dino and keep it NO MATTER WHAT IT IS BE IT DILO OR GIGA
I do not currently stud my males. I do breed my females however and will usually do a baby raise for a breeding (quetz and giga exceptions)

Due to my health i CANNOT guarantee 100% imprint simply because i may get really sick at some point. I can guarantee it living unless i am raided. But due to my health i simply do not want to lie and say you will 100% get the full imprint. It SHOULD happen but there are times i have bad days.

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Re: Dino Raising/Egg Hatching!

Post#2 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:19 am

For those prices its not even worth it. The imprinting only works for the person that imprints anyway so that's not worth paying for either. Paying all that CP for a desexed dino is ridiculous as you can BUY them for wayyyy cheaper, NOT DESEXED for a little bit more. Also if people were smart they would just wait till after raiding because the price just for 'Protection' is well up there. What happens if it dies under your 'protection' on a raid weekend? People pay that extra CP for what? Nothing? They lose their dino that they have also payed their deposit on as well as some kibble 'fees' even? And they don't get anything for it dying? No refund? No replacement?

In the case of twins you said you keep the twins (or more ) and there is no fee, do you mean overall (nothing at all for anything) or no fee for the 2nd baby? what happens if people want their 2nd or 3rd baby?

What happens if it dies (these things happen) during the week? (not getting fed etc) Do people get a refund and or replacement? Maybe you could get fined even?

Where will the animals be raised? On neutral ground (or a place accessible to all tribes involved) I hope as people might want to visit their babies to have a look at them (babies are super cute) or even just to check up on them.

This next comment i mean no offence towards you (through this whole thing i don't actually) but if the babies are to be kept at your place how are we to know that they have died as you could lie (again no offence meant) about their death, levels (swapping them out) or sex.

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Re: Dino Raising/Egg Hatching!

Post#3 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:06 am

Thank you for the comment :) i'll try to answer it all as best i can!
Imprinting is more for the stat boosts. This is meant for the big tribes that want to focus on getting stuff ready for raids instead of raising babies.
There seems to be a few people getting the wrong idea about it. if you bring me YOUR egg bred from YOUR dinos it will NOT be desexed. I am simply raising it for you.
My base is neutral ground i have no turrets as i am a passive player.
The idea of the massive weekend fee is kind of to push people to give me eggs during the week when they have work or school as weekends im usually out with my boyfriend or going to the doctors (gotta life to yo :P)
The wording of protection is people could give me say 20x giga eggs just so they dont get taken in a raid also hence the massive fee BUT that also puts me at risk and because my base is neutral ground as i am also a trader they need to gamble the eggs either way but i need to cover my ass that i dont get constantly raided if someone wants to gamble that i have eggs unhatched (i hatch them all right away anyway)
So the protection thing is invalid if people wanna give them to me through the week but if they REALLY want the babies on the ground to avoid eggs being stolen then i will do it (no gigas or quetz on the weekend i will add above as they take way to long)
So the only way a baby dino dies on the weekend is if someone continuously kills me where i am unable to get to the baby as passive killing is against the rules and said person will be punished.
NOTHING is to be paid before pickup of the dino but if the payment is not met on pickup (you have three days to pick up your baby) i keep it as payment. So if it dies for some reason or another you have lost nothing except the egg.
I will let everyone know when their babies are hatching/born
In the case of twins or triplets where i keep one. everything is free for that egg. Twin gigas? FREE FOR BOTH
If you want to keep the second baby then you are more then welcome to talk to me but it must be done BEFORE the egg is hatched. you cant just go. oh that has shit stats fine take it. Its a gamble on if there are twins or not but if you do keep both then they both have the fees.
If the baby for some reason dies during the week is a very valid point and i havent honestly got an answer for it. Possible a fine but that will also be something that will be spoken to per tribe

As for the last comment i 100% understand and know that this is a thing that others do. I can say im a trustworthy person but that is not real way to prevent the swapping or keeping. I am open to suggestions on ideas. But all i can say is im a passive player and trustworthy or i wouldnt do this. If i 'pinched' a dino by swapping it and someone found out then that would be me finished on the server. I would be wiped off it and no one would come to me again so really its my entire thing on the line for the server. I will tell tribes when the egg hatches or when it is about to hatch if they want to come see it hatch and then get the stats and go thats by all means fine by me. If you want me to incubate your egg and hold off hatching it until you arrive? then fine by me aswell. I have a baby holding pen so you can come and see them.

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