We have change the way we accept donations towards the community, we are now using Patreon.
Visit our link at https://www.patreon.com/GamingAlliance and donate and get some extra benefits while you are at it :)
PlayARK Australia is not run for profit and all donations goes towards this community.

Vote for Server and get Cementing Paste (CP)

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Vote for Server and get Cementing Paste (CP)

Post#1 » Mon May 02, 2016 2:22 pm


How to vote:
visit https://ark-servers.net/server/70390/ (TheIsland)
Click "Vote" on the top left
click "sign in through steam"
click "sign in" (on the steam page)

You can vote only once per day, the more votes the higher visibility the server gets.

How to Donate
Click on the "Donate" link
Type in the amount you wish to give to help support the server
Click Donate
Log-in to paypal and send the donation.
You will then be given a nifty "Donator" badge

For every $1 donated, you will receive 125CP, contact Drunk Munki to organise delivery.
For emergencies such as server going down email: drunkmunki[at]gamingalliance.net

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