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PvP Cluster is now LIVE!!!

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PvP Cluster is now LIVE!!!

Post#1 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:01 am

I know everyone was waiting around for this...
but as there isnt much info coming from Wildcard and a "final release" for retail i have decided to make it public nonetheless.

Structure protection will be enabled 24/7 until 10th September then it will be weekdays only.
Player 8x XP bonus will end on 13th September and go back to 4x.

- remember to set your dinos to passive to enable passive protection.
- Pub is in progress, currently not in use for trading.

Server Names
[AU/NZ] Cluster-Island-Wiped 30/08
[AU/NZ] 30/08

Happy Surviving!
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