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New Server: Primitive+ Hardcore

Pay attention to this space; this is where server updates, notifications and scheduled downtime are posted.
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New Server: Primitive+ Hardcore

Post#1 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:14 am

Greetings Survivors!

Getting bored of ark, played it so much there's no challenge? well this new Primitive+ Hardcore server is there to beat you into submission!


Check out the full server stats here

This server is for the Ultimate Survivor! its not for the unprepared, as when you die, your character gets deleted and you have to start over again, prepare for saltiness.
Theres no Tek gear, you have to use your wits and cunning!

Its a PvP server with NO RULES! but there are 2 player tribe limits and no alliances... to prevent abuse where a bunch of tribes can gang up and act as one!

There will be PvP free zones (at some of the spawn points) protected by a mod to allow trade and safe haven for short periods of time.

Look forward to see who will be..... The Ultimate Survivor!

* NOTE: Server can take up to 5-10mins to connect through

First person/tribe to reach level 100 for a week without dying and you/your tribe will get a $20 steam gift card each
For emergencies such as server going down email: drunkmunki[at]

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