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AusARK to be merging with PlayArkAU

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AusARK to be merging with PlayArkAU

Post#1 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:55 pm

Greetings all,
Im not sure if any of you know about AusARK but they have been around for a while, they have decided to merge with us to keep the community going, and we welcome them to our little corner of the world.

you can find more about them here: or

They Currently host the below server cluster:
[AU/NZ] AusARK PvP [Ragnarok] 10xT/B,5xG/XP
[AU/NZ] AusARK PvP [Island] 10xT/B,5xG/XP
[AU/NZ] AusARK PvP [Aberration] 10xT/B,5xG/XP

these will replace 3x of our PvP servers as they are hardly being used:
[AU/NZ] All/Anti-Raid/3moWipe
[AU/NZ] Core/20xTG/Mods
[AU/NZ]Prim+ Hardcore-8x XP/5xG/10xT/No Alliances/2-in-Tribe

There will be 2 PlayArk PvP servers left (aberration and Island low rate server), but you are more than welcome to hop onto the AusARK ones, as they have more players.

In a few months time i will be implementing another dedicated server to spread out the load and add more different games (i have the hardware, just a matter of getting it together) as this will cost an additional $200+/mo i will need to see if its financially viable to implement, as our brisbane server is a piece of shit(excuse my language) and cant be used, serves me right for renting a dedicated... it still costs me $250/mo for that until the end of the year.

What does AusARK Merging with us mean?
At this stage, I wont be managing it apart from technical issues, Sage from Trojan Troll will have access to the Game Management Platform to make changes and update.
Hopefully without the financial burden it will give him a bit more flexibility in managing the servers and community.

Server Rules will be different for the AusARK servers, this means if you do decide to use them check the rules on the steam page or under the AusARK sub-forum.

If you have any questions let me know through the forum, discord or teamspeak... im more than happy to discuss any concerns people may have.

When will this happen?
To Be Determined!
For emergencies such as server going down email: drunkmunki[at]

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