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[Old] ScorchedEarth Server Stats

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[Old] ScorchedEarth Server Stats

Post#1 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:30 am

Sever Name: [AU/NZ],20xH/G

  • Max Player Level = 105
  • Show Players on Map
  • Third Person View Enabled
  • No Cross-hairs
  • Difficulty set to 5 (wild dino levels = 150)
  • No in cave building that block artifacts
  • Dinos can carry players
  • 5x Taming Speed
  • 20x Harvest Amount
  • 2x Wild Dino Damage
  • 6x Damage to buildings in Caves
  • 0.5x Food Drain (Default is 1)
  • 0.5x Water Drain (Default is 1)
  • 0.5x Player Dino Damage
  • 1x Player Resistance
  • 1x Night Speed
  • 10x Egg Hatch Speed
  • 5x Baby Mature Speed
  • 5x Player XP
  • 6 Players allowed in tribe
  • Max Structures in Range = 3,000
  • Gamma Allowed
  • No Base Damage on Weekdays (AntiRaid)
  • Mods: Meat Spolier, Scorched Earth Resource Stacks, Structures Plus, Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator, TekBench

Last Wipe: 27/12/2016

Base Protection enabled weekdays only, weekends are free for all.

What is base protection?
Base Protection is where any structure (metal, wood, thatch) or item (storage box, campfire...) cannot be damaged or destroyed. This protection allows players to build up their base and defences before its disabled on weekends.
Dino's are not protected by Base Protection.

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