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[Discontinued] Hardcore Server - for the pros who want a challenge

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:31 pm
by DrunkMunki
Hardcore server is designed for Pro's, when you die you will have to start a new character ..

Server Name: [AU/NZ]AusARK-HARDCORE/20x/S+/NoTurrets
Map: The Centre
Stats: 20x Taming/Gather/Breeding - 10x XP
Mods: S+
Restrictions: No Tek (apart from Cryoballs/Fridge), No Turrets
Alliances: 1
Tribe Limit: 8
Player Resistance: 2x normal (can resist more damage)

When you die you are allowed to join back in the same tribe (if they are online or want you back)

some items in S+ have been removed, Tek Replicator has been enabled and only cryopods and fridges can be crafted all other tek engrams have been removed from the game.
All turrets have been removed from the game.