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Demolish / Claim Timer

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Demolish / Claim Timer

Post#1 » Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:09 pm

Claim timer is referring to when structures become "demolishable" by other players if anyone from the tribe didnt log in after a period of time and be shown within render distance of the tribe member.

The below settings currently apply to: PvE Cluster

  • demolishable in 7 days for thatch structures.
  • destroyed in 1 day after demolish date has expired

  • demolishable in 14 days for wood structures.
  • destroyed in 1day after demolish date has expired

  • demolishable in 21 days for stone structures.
  • destroyed in 2 days after demolish date has expired

  • demolishable in 28 days for metal structures.
  • destroyed in 3 days after demolish date has expired

You or a tribe member will need to login to the server to reset the timer, this will prevent other people from removing your structures, It may be a pain but if you regularly play you shouldn’t see any changes.

Last Updated: 09/Aug/2019
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