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PvE: Can't place a structure - it may be near a supply drop

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:21 pm
by DattoSSS
G'day everyone

I recently went bananas trying to place pillars and ceilings in Hidden Lake for my base. I couldn't place a number of them which restricted the size of the base (not a huge problem) but having played Ark since it's first week of early release, and having used S+ extensively as well, I could not work out why these structures wouldn't place.

Fast forward to today, and I tried to place a metal box where a supply drop falls so that I can collect resources from other maps and transfer them to a box from the supply drop, in the comfort of my base. I could not place anything - boxes, pillars, foundations.....

Did some research and found that PvE has building at supply drops disabled, so people cannot box them in I guess. The commandline to undo this is ?PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=true. Having always played PvP this was new to me.

I am not trying to change this (although that would let me set up my drop box :lol: ), as I know it will allow some players to wall in the drops and contain them from others, just thought if anyone else was having difficulty building, with no idea why take note of the proximity of any supply drops. The structure will be green on placement, but then disappears when you click.