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Re: Any chance for a separate Extinction Core Mod in PvE clustered?

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:33 pm
by Plexor
DrunkMunki wrote:lol, i suck at it ...
but its still popular, and instead of grinding away, you can just pvp .. you die you can watch them keep playing... each match lsts for a short period .. im just saying SoTF (event hough no longer supported) its still popular.. and its free.... and good enough for competitions...
anyways, we digress...

Hmm might have a look at it compared to Vanilla Ark PvP which had left a certain distaste, long story short, it only takes 1 member of the tribe set the whole server annoyed(not in to yours and wipe your tribe out even when your tribe is a large one.

I do not think a 4 v 1 is a fair match and considering all the work, taming and building done.

If I play ARK I'll be PvEing next but some say it might be a little boring hence Extinction Core, besides what's the best dino which you're able to bring into a boss arena?

Alpha Dire Wolf - Vanilla Direwolves are too squishy and wouldn't last long. (there's only a limited type of alphas which you can bring into the boss arena, not all of them are allowed).