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Recruiting Tribe Members

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Recruiting Tribe Members

Post#1 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:52 pm

The "Zenith" tribe is looking for members notably those who had started in the PvE cluster or do not have a significant dino count and currently, the tribe has 3 members and I'm looking to fill up spots on each map.

I had been playing Ark PvP since it was in EA and join Munk's server before he even upgraded it to SSD drives, some old returning players may have seen me around early last year.

Tribe's main objective is "Ascension" for those of you who are particularly had experience in PvP and didn't get to the point of the "End-Game" and have the desire to do so are welcome to join in the PvE cluster.

I have soloed in PvE cluster for a month and did the initial build-up and am now quite established, however, I find when it comes down to boss raids which are on "Alpha" level it's going to nigh impossible for me as a solo player hence I'm opening up the Tribe. Additionally, have to thank our current members who had joined last week putting in work and we are currently building another megabase on "The Island" map. :D

Those who are new or less than 500 hours in this game or believe that you're lacking to make your "Ark experience" more memorable are welcome to join and in the meantime, you will learn:

1)How to solo tame most dinos including the Quetzal without initially having one.

2)Stealing wyvern eggs without classic fliers mod as the "flier nerf" changes things.

3)Utilizing the full potential of platform saddled dinos i.e building Paracer tanks, platform harvesting builds for solo mining, Bronto artillery, Battle Quetzal wyvern killers and battle rafts (all depending on server settings for max structure allowed).
examples: (These were from a U.S server that I have played in the previous year while Munks was upgrading his.)
Bronto artillery
Paracer Tank
Battle Quetzal
War Raft

4) How to deal with Titanosaurs or killing them - solo.

5) Breeding super dinos - What to look out for and which apps to use to make breeding a breeze.

6) And anything else which players want to know or need to know will be put on chat.

Any players interested can contact me on discord or in-game chat and "Let's make Ark Great Again". ;)

Jokes aside, there are rules which involves common sense that will be discussed and I expect to members to put into practice as you all know "its the community" which makes ARK great.

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