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Regarding the update schedule

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Re: Regarding the update schedule

Post#21 » Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:17 pm

DrunkMunki wrote:Sorry guys for the downtime, if you have issues PM me on the forums so i am notified by email, posting messaging on the forum wont get an immediate response.

Server has now been updated

Server doesnt auto update as soon as a patch is released (which is good if there are bugs and the server is wiped), there is no ability to do that, i have to save, stop then update, then start the server manually.
I can do a schedule update, but people have had major roll back issues when i do that, and it will run regardless if there is an update or not, interfering with gameplay.

I understand people play at different schedules, this is the first time i have missed a release, and i apologise. But please PM me and i will log right in and do it immediately, i cant keep refreshing the steam forums all day to know when the next release is (and they constantly change the release times), hence the schedule.

Thanks Munki. Will remember to PM next time.

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