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What we have learnt!

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What we have learnt!

Post#1 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:47 pm

This game is big. Real big. I am also pretty terrible at formatting. SO here is just a bunch of things I am just going to throw at people who may be learning.

1.Starve your animals
2. Only the ones you are taming though, starve them good. Keep 'em knocked out with narcos (Herbis) or narcotics (Flesh eaters)
3. Metal is in little darker rounder rocks than the larger ones you usually crack.
4. Pick and Axe have multi uses, read the tool tip.
5. Always carry a parachute or two when you are flying.
6. Flare guns are a good way to help lost tribe members find their way home.
7. Don't provoke the Brontos.
8. Pairing species up with a mate male/female gives 'em a good bonus.
9. Anklos drown in knee high water.
10. Tamed Dodos lay eggs nearly every game day. Even the male ones.
11. You can't swim no good with zero stamina.
12. You lose movement speed the closer you approach encumbered.
13. You lose max weight carried when broken boned (close to death)
14. You cannot heal if you are hungry.
15. Failing to pay attention to the above combination of the last three tips can make for a very painful and shameful death.
16. Drop everything if you cannot move. There is a button for it.

More to come one day.

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Re: What we have learnt!

Post#2 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:33 pm

thanks Nogaxeh,
this is a big help for the beginners (and myself) :D
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