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Tips for New and Old Survivors

Have you come across something that might interest others? or sick of people asking the same questions, post it here for others to find.
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Tips for New and Old Survivors

Post#1 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:30 am

Hey guys Wompas here
Just some things I have learnt to help everyone out
A few things before I start
-Shout out to our admin Drunk Munki for giving us a place to call home here on the Ark
-NOGEXEH PLAYS WAAAAYYYY TO MUCH :P Your bound to see him around on this server
-We are all pretty friendly here don't be afraid to say hi
-The south side of the map is easier then the north
-Stick close to the beach early on
-Character appearance is purely cosmetic
-One character can not learn every Engram
-Make friends this game heavily encourages teamwork
-If something looks like it will kill you it probably will
-Even some Herbivores will kill you if provoked
-At the time of writing this game is in very early alpha and anything I have written could change as the devs are
patching pretty much everyday if not multiple per day

Okay lets get started

Remember not to go crazy with your Engram points

1.As a fresh spawn your first priority is gathering mats(Materials) to craft the Pickaxe
Those being Wood, Thatch and Stone
After that I would recommend learning the Engram for the Axe, Fireplace, Torch and Water skin
These are the basic tools you need to survive
The Spear is also a good pick up early but I survived with out them early on

2.The Pickaxe and Axe have multiple different uses the main ones being

Pickaxe collects
More thatch from trees
More flint from rock
More meat from corpses
Very low chance of metal from river rocks
Once Metal tools are acquired(Level 25 to craft) certain rocks will be very rich in metal but I will get to that later on

Axe collects
More wood from trees
More stone from rocks
More hide from corpses

3.Early on your biggest threat will be these guys
http://i1.wp.com/arkaholic.com/wp-conte ... hosaur.jpg
They are aggressive and usually Mate boosted(More on this soon)
At first they spit at you if hit your screen will be covered and you will only have very limited vision for 8(?) seconds
They will then move in to melee combat
I recommend avoiding them early on but if caught out the best method is to side step the spit and run

4.The night is dark and full of terrors
Find a nice spot to set up camp you will need
A fire to stay warm and cook your meat
A small thatch hut to brave out the night and icy weather(Thatch isn't much but it does keep out the cold if nothing else)
A sleeping bag(these are single use)
A chest to store or loot
You don't have to stay here forever but you do need somewhere safe to return after gathering mats

By now you will probably have died a few times but that's okay you can loot your own corpse(if you get there
before someone else does) and continue where you left off
the map will give you a rough area of where you died before you respawn

http://i2.wp.com/arkaholic.com/wp-conte ... wnload.jpg
Are a great source of quick meat
-Early on building safe is alot easier and better then building big
-Thatch building are utterly useless to log out in
-Pressing "TAB" and typing "stat fps" will add your FPS and you PING to your HUD
-Always take a parachute while mounting a flying dino
-Holding "H" will display exact values of all your stats on the HUD will also show some helpful info in the top left
-If an item breaks while you are using it holding SHIFT and pressing the hot key of the broken item will repair it
if you have the required mats
-Holding ALT and pressing the hot key of an item will craft a new one of that item, great for building walls
-A water skin can be filled at any time when it is raining
-Pressing "F" while mounted will bring up your mounts inventory
-Holding "E" will gather a whole bush
-When harvesting a corpse 1 person will harvest more from it all up then 2 at once(untested)
-Some dinos can be carrying loot always make sure to check their inventory before harvesting them
-You can get items with higher level stats then the ones you crafted from looted dinos
-Pressing \ will stop chat popping up every time a message is sent
-Pressing / will let you chat to only your tribe
-There are level requirements to craft items but any item can be equipped and used at any level
-You can repair any item even if you don't have the engram or are of the crafting level
-Narcotics will never spoil like narco berries
-Narcotics weight 0.1 each giving better torpor gains for the same weight as narco berries
-Berries recover hunger and thirst
-Wood structures cant be damaged by stone tools only by metal tools and above
-Metal structures can only be damaged by explosive
-Chests can be placed under water
-Pressing "P" while the map is open lets you place a marker on it
-Mate Boosted dinos have 2X the stats, this is a hidden bonus to stats as to not confuse people taming them
-Oil can be found under water in the ocean, it comes from rocks that are oozing black liquid into the water

-When leveling you will gain Engram points you will gain 8 per level to begin
01 - 09 = 08
10 - 19 = 12
20 - 29 = 16
30 - 39 = 20
40 - 49 = 24
50 - 59 = 28
60 - 69 = 32(apparently this is 30??)

-These are all the engrams you can unlock along with the cost and level to unlock them

-This link will take you to some recipes for the cooking pot
http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/ ... =455477421
I take no credit for this
-I have not personal made any but from my understanding you can get recipe drops from dinos??
-Apparently if you put the right ingredients in it will make it and store the recipe???
Sorry this is all new to me haha :lol:

-Each dino has a preferred food that they will eat over others in their inventory, this will tame them faster
-All carnivores(carnies) prefer prime meat/dino eggs(unknown if different eggs are different)/raw meat/cooked meat
in that order
-Prime meat/dino eggs will tame carnies ALOT faster(4x for prime meat, I assume the same for eggs?)
-All herbivores(herbies) prefer different berries but I find most like mejos
-Its come to my attention that all herbies will eat mejos first, this does not mean it is their preferred berries
-Scorps highly prefer spoiled meat
-Narco berries are better on herbies where as narcotics are better on carnies(i personally use narcotics for all as they
are easier to carry around still with good results)
-Narcotics add around 40 torpor and decrease tame % less then multiple narco berries
-Narco berries add 8 torpor(remember to take into account that the dino is still losing torpor at a fixed rate while
this is applied when working this out)
-Head shots will always add more torpor then shots anywhere else, i believe this applies to narc arrows aswell
-Taming the same kind of dino over and over will give you a better taming % on those dinos (untested)
-Taming % is determined by dino level and how you knock it out, less damage = better taming %, your level may
also effect this
-I believe that each size of dino determines its base tame time(smaller = lower)
-Taming % drops at a constant rate while taming and when the dino eats
-Each dino can be leveled a max of 38 times, a level 2 can only level to 40 where a level 52 can level to 90
-Dino leveling starts from the level you tame it at making it better to tame higher level dinos over lower level ones
-Dinos have the same first level XP no matter the level tamed at, a level 2 will have 10XP to level 3 and a level 52
will have 10XP to level 53
-The higher the dinos level the longer its tame time will be

-From my understanding each dino has a base taming time then it has a multiplier(taming %) that adds to the base time,
meaning that if a dino was at a constant 100% taming % it would tame in lets say 30 mins but at 50% taming % it would
tame in 60 mins and so on

-Apparently tame % does not effect time only the dinos stats after taming, I would say the base stats you see on it stay the
same the difference being that they gain better values as they level compared to a lower tame %, meaning the only
way to reduce tame time is with preferred foods
-Taking the above into account that makes ''starving'' worth while if your intending to level your dino

-A dino wont start the taming process until food is place in it inventory you can how ever place narcotics/narco berries in
to keep it knocked out, while doing this its hunger bar will decrease this is called "starving"
-A dino will retain its hunger levels even after it wakes
-From my experience it is better to "starve" the dino before feeding it I will now explain why I feel this way
While starving your dino and its food is going down you are only using narcos, this saves you from losing all the food you
would have when that random walks past and kills your tame or when that pair of raptors come out of the bush and jumps
you then eats your tame, while ''starving" the tame % is not going down at its constant rate and it is also not losing tame %
from being force fed narcos over the course of the whole tame this could save you 25%+ on it depending on the dino, Lets say
the tames going to take 2 hours base tame time that 25%+ is over 30 mins

so from the information that I have to go off "starving" works better
-When "starving" make sure you have enough food to fill the hunger as if the dino runs out of food the tame % will drop rapidly

-This shows all above ground and underwater caves
http://cdn.segmentnext.com/wp-content/u ... inates.jpg
-Underwater caves are a great source of oil
-Underwater caves require over 100 oxygen to swim to, with a water mount you can swim to it with under 100 oxygen, you
can also swim to it with 100 oxygen and a Lazarus chowder(refer to cooking section)
-Caves are a great source of metal only other efficient place to get it is mountain tops
-Cave contain black rocks that give obsidian
-Caves are a great source of chitin from the cave monsters
-Caves contain relics these contain loots just like loot crates
-Caves have different difficulty levels and rewards based of that
-Caves have different obstacles to over come(extreme hot or cold to jumping over lava)
-When attempting a cave for your first time be sure to bring a friend or more, caves are unforgiving
-It is possible to set up forward bases in caves, nice place to put a bed, a chest, a fireplace and smithy
-You can place sleeping bags on the ground as you go through great way to keep you close if you die, I advising bring a few
-From what iv see your enemies will be as follows
http://i0.wp.com/arkaholic.com/wp-conte ... Spider.jpg
http://i2.wp.com/arkaholic.com/wp-conte ... cteris.jpg
http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... 6D0F89092/
http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/ark.gam ... orpion.jpg
Iv also seen Dilos
http://i1.wp.com/arkaholic.com/wp-conte ... hosaur.jpg

-For a more in-depth guide to cave refer to this post
http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/ ... =456367463
-Again I take no credit for this post

-These are the big coloured light beams from the sky, not to be confused with the obelisks
-Supply drops have different levels corresponding to the colour of each one
White(Prismatic) = 3
Green = 15
Blue = 25
Purple = 35
Yellow = 45
Red = 60 (55??)
-Each colour requires the said levels to "unlock" when you get to it meaning a level 30 can still get to the yellow one but
cannot open it
-Each colour drop has different loot corresponding to its level (where a green one can give you hide gear, a yellow one
can give you flak gear
-They can give you an engram items made from these are normally better in stats or will craft multiple for the mats cost of 1
-as of writing this I have seen some supply drops have nothing in them at all, I believe this to be a bug

I will add to this when I can let me know if iv missed any thing, iv written something wrong or anything that needs attention
let me know below or message me
Thanks for reading guys and I will see you in game
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Re: Tips for New and Old Survivors

Post#2 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:03 am

Jeesus this is huge, nice one!

Yes I play waaay too much. Will probably tone it back a little... need to rejoin humanity. :lol:

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Re: Tips for New and Old Survivors

Post#3 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:20 am

From what i've read elsewhere on steam forums is that taming % only effects the Final Stats of the Dino and Not the length of time it takes to tame.
Preferred food is the only way to reduce the amount of time it takes to tame.

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Re: Tips for New and Old Survivors

Post#4 » Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:16 pm

Awesome guide man! a lot of great tips for players :)

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Re: Tips for New and Old Survivors

Post#5 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:21 pm

Very good drills on the Guide mate, Thank you very much !

it will help me get along very well.



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